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Inspired by an idea of the thirties, we have been attracted by the versatility and the geometry that such a bicycle could have if revisited in a modern key.

The ?Velocino?, that is the name?of the original product, is initially perceived as a bicycle used for the transport of every kind of item.

As?a matter of fact, the wheels were bigger than those provided in our current project.



Today Spike is presented as a slenderer bicycle mostly appropriate for the?urban viability.

After many tests and changes we have created a product?that can combine perfectly both practicality and ecological care.



Spike is equipped with wheels with a diameter of 20 inches on the back and 10 inches on the front, in order to be less cumbersome and to grant fluidity while riding.

The ring of the front wheel has been realized with a speci c CNC processing, appropriate to the diameter and the robust structure.



Spike cannot have standard brakes as it needs a rear coaster hub.?That is why we have chosen the ultra tested Sturmey Archer.

This can be substituted upon request with the S2C model at two automatic speeds.


Spike has got a quick release handlebar easy to dismantle.

There is a mount where you can put the handlebar while carrying the bike.

In the purse you can also find a leather handle that makes the bike loading and downloading easier.



Download the brochure HERE!